From the beginning of the year, after Russia added changes to the cargo transportation rules, which caused the dissatisfaction of Poland, the situation for carriers working between the two countries became extremely tense.

PL-RUAfter changing the approach to the documentation relating to the transportation of goods to third parties, essentially prohibiting carriage through the country, Russia undermined both its own and Polish transportation, resulting a hold back and a start of a long-term negotiations, and of course the customs queues.

Although Russia and Poland has not yet come to the final agreement on the transportation on the territory of Russia, they started transitional period, which is currently planned to be carried out by April 15th. During this period Polish carriers can and has to leave the territory of Russia, yet it does not guarantee a smooth follow-up work between the two countries.

Since Lithuania is a neutral territory in this situation, more and more cargo is transported through it. “Baltic Solutions Transport” informs its customers, that they will not face any difficulties while transportation from Europe to CIS countries and will not be affected by potential problems that may arise after April 15th. Decision to use not only Polish registered, but also Lithuanian and Latvian registered trucks, helps to avoid unnecessary difficulties on the border with Russia.