A small country may not necessarily be the weakest one and logistics rating „LogWBistics Performance Index – STI“ published by World Bank proves it perfectly. The evaluation involved 160 countries and Lithuania among them looks really impressive.

First rating was published in 2007. It is an interactive benchmarking tool, created to help countries identify the challenges and opportunities they face in their performance on trade logistics and what they can do to improve their performance.

The top ten are obviously the economically strongest ones – Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, the Netherlands, Singapore, Belgium, Austria, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the United States. However, since 2014 Lithuania has risen by 17 positions and overtook not only countries in the neighbourhood but also countries that are much larger and more powerful than itself, by taking a honorable 29th place.

Each country were evaluated by 6 criteria: logistics service quality, punctuality, cargo tracking capabilities, customs, infrastructure, international cargo transportation. Lithuania was able to improve all of the above criteria on its own and with a help of logistics companies working in the country, for the country.

We are proud that „Baltic Solutions Transport“ is moving forward and contributes to the development of the country by improving the quality of services, expanding the international transportation and developing cargo monitoring, which helps deliver cargo safe on time at competitive prices.

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