The Chinese have found a way to reduce the cost of transportation between Asia and Europe

Chinese Carrier Cosco plans to launch a regular line from Asia to Europe via the northern route. At the moment the company is considering the prospect of buying vessels to start.

State operator has already held two test shipments: one in 2013 and another – most recently, in October 2015. The cargo was delivered by Yong Sheng, the only icebreaker in the company’s fleet.

The Northern Sea Route runs along the north of Russia and Norway. According to preliminary estimates, it cuts transition between China and North Europe to 2-3 weeks. The obstacle is the ice that blocks the way all year round. However, global warming leads to melting, which may facilitate sea transporting.

State media in China called Northern Sea Route the most cost-effective solution for the logistics between Asia and Europe. Cosco promises to announce the final decision in the end of 2015.